Ray Jack' large nighttime inlay pendant (shown with optional 8mm, 20-inch burnished Sterling bead, aka "Navajo pearls," chain). SOLD! #2127

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SOLD!  To 'sort-of commemorate NASA crashing that spacecraft into an asteroid recently in order to save the earth someday, we dug this Ray Jack piece out of our "keeper" box to, er, brighten your nighttime sky!  This delightful work of art is priced without a chain.  The pictured 8mm, 20-inch Sterling 'Navajo pearl' bead chain is an additional $155 if bought with the pendant.  Call or text prior to purchase to exercise this option and we will change the price above to reflect the inclusion of the bead chain.  They do look great together!  Actually, this Ray Jack masterpiece would look good in a frame hanging on the wall as well.  Nice, real nice.  All of our Ray Jack—and his son Michael Jack—pieces were acquired some time back, pre-covid.  We used to buy a lot more than was prudent and now we're glad we did.  Since then, prices of Native American jewelry has soared, and in many cases, quality has plummeted.  'Could be that this piece would cost us a heckuva lot more today.  It's a perfect piece to wear on the deck of the Queen Mary II during a trans-Atlantic crossing--with the full moon's reflection glistening on the water like an ever-widening beam of light coming right-up to the vessel.  'Careful about that champagne intake!  This quarter-inch-thick nighttime-scene pendant is a full three-inches longnot counting that large, 'stellar' bale.  It's an inch-and-a-quarter across at the widest point—with lots of Sterling 'stars' in-between.  Weight is 40.2-grams, or 1.42-ounces.  Complimentary USPS tracked Priority shipping within the U.S.  "Starry, starry night"