Ribbon (boulder) turquoise Navajo earrings by Augustine Largo. #1447

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These are very, very nice earrings.  The kind that a photo can't fully capture.  The object, and the namesake, of ribbon turquoise has always been the distinct ribbon coursing through the stone—illustrated perfectly in the earrings you see here.  And it's not just the superlative stone that makes these so great, it is also the well-made quality that one feels the minute they are put in hand.  Augustine Largo has made countless items for the Drifter for a decade or more, and his work has never failed to please.  The economic conditions with Covid has caused us to be very conservative on pricing for the last six months or so.  These should be priced higher.   Given the caliber of quality sought-out by the Drifter, the costs on our end are much higher than they would be if we offered flimsy tourist-quality items.  But it works for us (and we sleep better at night!).  These beauties are 1.75-inches long and 7/8th's-inches at the widest point.  Each weighs 13.6-grams, or .48-ounces.  Each is hallmarked "AL," and as usual, there is complimentary Priority shipping within the U.S.