• Richard Singer double-overlay 3.5-inch (not counting the bale) pendant with Sleeping Beauty turquoise. Shown with optional 5mm, 20-inch Navajo 'pearl' beads. #1508—SOLD!

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    SOLD!   Navajo royalty.  Tommy Singer—who passed to the other side in 2014—is a legend.  He was sort of a legend when he was still with us.  This beautiful work of art is made by Tommy's son Richard.  Richard is not a young artist and he has been doing it for a long time himself.  This pendant is a testament to that.  Many decades ago his father honed to perfection the art of double overlay.  He may or may not have borrowed the technique from Hopi silversmithing, since his hogan and house on the Navajo reservation near Dilkon, Arizona is near one of the Hopi mesas. The second pic below is Richard's house, near the Singer family home and the hogan in which Tommy was born.   Double overlay is tedious and requires a deft hand.  It consists of two layers of Sterling.  The bottom layer serves as a palette, while the top layer is cut-out with designs and placed atop the smooth bottom layer.  I won't go into here how they are perfectly fused together.  Anyway, the above pendant is the result of this process.  Of course not all double overlay is as precise and strikingly beautiful as that of Singer work.  This pendant is three-inches tall (not counting the bale), and 2.5-inches across at the widest point. Weight of the pendant alone is 48-grams, or 1.7-ounces.  It ships with an 18-inch, solid Sterling box chain, but the pictured 5mm, 20-inch Navajo 'pearls' may be substituted for an additional $111. Call or text and we'll change the price above to reflect the upgrade.  Hallmarked "R. Singer" in cursive with a little feather streaming from the "R."  Enjoy.