• Richard Singer, "Coyote howling at the moon" Sterling pendant.

    This quintessential symbol has been popular in Santa Fe for decades.  It is done here in a very artful manner by the well-known Navajo silversmith, Richard Singer—son of the legendary Tommy Singer.  Richard has been "his own man" for many years and claimed fame in his own right long prior to his father's passing to the other side in 2014.  He still does his own thing and is NOT part of the group of Tommy's family members who make T&R Singer jewelry.  Richard often incorporates gold in his creations, but this is all gleaming Sterling silver.  It is crafted in two layers—forming a box-like, thicker pendant than is parlayed by the photo above.  In fact, it is exactly a quarter-of-an-inch thick—hollow in the middle.  Richard obviously spent a lot of time and work crafting this simple, flowing artwork.  It is more artwork than jewelry—or shouldn't that be the same thing?  The Singer name is legendary, and Richard is now part of the legend.  This pendant, though inexpensive at present, is a good bet to become a quality investment piece. Height—not counting the intricate bale—is three inches.  Width at the base, incorporating the coyote's tail, is 1.75-inches.  Weight without the included chain is 36.6-grams, or 1.29-ounces.  An 18-inch, solid Sterling box chain is included in the price.  It is hallmarked "R.Singer," with a feather trailing in the wind behind the "R," which is Richard Singer's hallmark.  Second pic: Richard's home on the Arizona portion of the Navajo rez.  Always complimentary Priority shipping within the U.S.