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Signed, original Tommy Singer Sterling and gold-fill earrings made prior to his passing.—SOLD!



SOLD!!   Many items—mostly earrings—acquired from Mr. Singer shortly prior to his passing have been locked away by the Drifter until now.  Sort of hate to part with them.  Anyway, these are excellent examples of his enduring style.  Each weighs .17-ounces, and is 1.5-inches long and one-inch wide.  Hallmarked "T. SINGER."  Please note these are not "T&R SINGER" pieces.  The T&R in the hallmark denote jewelry made by Mr. Singer's widow, Rosita, and his daughter and son-in-law.  They make fine pieces of jewelry using Tommy's old tools.  But unscrupulous (IMHO) dealers sometimes market these as "Tommy Singer jewelry."