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  • Signed, original Tommy Singer Sterling double-overlay medium/large-size cuff.—SOLD!

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    SOLD!  This trophy piece is not"T&R Singer" made by the family after Mr. Singer's passing.  There is nothing wrong with T&R jewelry.  Tommy's widow, Rose, and family members create fine work.  But those pieces are not original Tommy Singer jewelry.   The cuff listed here is an original Tommy Singer creation.  The Drifter acquired it from Mr. Singer himself long prior to his untimely passing.  It is a perfect example of the creative designs that made Tommy Singer a legend.  Classic Singer double-overlay.  Very impressive.  It has a gothic stamp making it older than cursive-hallmarked Singer pieces.  It's 1 and 1/2 inches wide; with a 7-inch wrist size--which is a medium-large woman's wrist.  Weight is 58.4-grams, or 2.05-ounces. Third pic is from 2013 of Mr. Singer beside his black and silver (same as his jewelry!) Camaro.  Hallmarked "T. Singer."  Always complimentary Priority shipping within the U.S.