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Six pendant White Buffalo and Sterling necklace set by Robert Shakey, Navajo.—SOLD!



SOLD!  Check-out the swirling matrix in the White Buffalo stones—all hand-picked by the Drifter specifically for this piece.  These are super high quality and cost much more than solid bland white ones.  There is always a controversy as to whether White Buffalo is real "white" turquoise.  The Drifter maintains it is it's own stone, and not technically turquoise.  But people call it white turquoise for convenience without getting into the geological differences.  Close enough.  The main thing is to not get ripped-off by buying "howlite."  White Buffalo is beautiful, howlite is a drab white stone with grey matrix (versus the black iron-ore and sometimes copper as seen here).  Howlite is used overseas to dye and look like turquoise or other gemstones, and it is put into silver settings (presumably overseas) to be passed-off as real white buffalo.  The Drifter learned long ago how to tell the difference between overseas knock-offs and the real Native American-made.  We don't buy or sell the overseas knock-off junk.  And all things howlite are a fraud in our humble opinion.  Back to the piece at hand, Robert Shakey was presented with these stones and given license to build something beautiful around them.  Indeed he did. The Sterling chain is hand made.  It weighs 3.8 ounces including the matching earrings and the length of the necklace from end-to-end is 24-inches.  This piece would make a supermodel's neck even more beautiful!