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Six-stone No. 8 Mine turquoise pendant necklace (upper necklace in photo) by master Navajo silversmith Gilbert Tom.

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This is High Plains Jewelry's ad in the current issue (October, 2020) of COWBOYS & INDIANS magazine.  It is the top necklace that is the object of this posting.  Both necklaces in the pic are made by our favorite living Navajo artisan, Gilbert Tom.  The No. 8 Mine turquoise stones in this necklace are premium stones hand-picked before Gilbert began work on this masterpiece.  End-to-end length is 23-inches, but the 4.25-inch two-pendant drop is not counted in this measurement.  Overall, it should hang approximately 14-inches from the back of one's neck.  Weight is 129.4-grams, or 4.6-ounces.  The hallmark is a hand-stamped "Gilbert Tom" in cursive.  Always complimentary shipping within the U.S.