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  • Size 11-plus Sterling Navajo ring with new No.8 Mine turquoise. #0903

    Well, this fits the Drifter right nicely!  Maybe he will keep it warm 'til it sells.  This is another new No. 8 Mine turquoise acquisition.  Everybody loves this stone—including us!  But if you wanna run with the big dogs you gotta pay the price.  No. 8 turquoise ain't cheap.  This piece is a real knockout look on a man (or a woman with a size 11).  The size is just a hair over an 11.  It has a distinctive hallmark, but is a little small for the Drifter's old eyes to discern.  The Sterling is thicker gauge and fashioned quiet tastefully.  Length is almost an inch, and the width at the top is 5/8ths-inches.