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Size 6 Navajo Najo ring with seven turquoise stones. #1297

Well, the original intent was for the Naja to hover over the center core of your being, traditionally on the bottom of a squash blossom.  That gap in the bottom of the Naja (please don't call it a horseshoe) allows goodness to enter into your center core.  But this is a ring, you say!  Tell you what you do—put it on your finger and whenever you think about it, hold your hand over your heart.  Anyway, this is a nicely made piece by Navajo silversmith Robert Shakey.  It's study and quite attractive.  It is size 6; it is hallmarked "ROBERT SHAKEY," and it weighs 15-grams, or .53-ounces.  Always complimentary Priority shipping within the U.S.