• Small original, signed Tommy Singer Navajo goldcraft earrings.

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    Another release of long-held original Tommy Singer goldcraft earrings, signed "T.SINGER." They are NOT "T&R Singer," which is jewelry made by the family using Tommy's designs and stamps (which are fine pieces also).   The Drifter acquired these from Mr. Singer himself in 2013, about a year before the legendary Navajo silversmith's passing.  We still have a few of these original pieces of sought-after goldcraft by Tommy himself left—mostly pendants and earrings (and one magnificent squash blossom posted elsewhere on this site) that will be released incrementally during the upcoming year.  Each earring here is one-inch tall and 3/4th's-inches wide.  Hallmarked "T.SINGER" in gothic font—which pre-dates his later cursive stamp.  Tommy Singer is partly responsible for the huge popularity in Native American jewelry in the 60's and 70's, and was in the forefront of Navajo Silversmiths every decade since—including now, even after his passing to the other side.  The Drifter wears only Tommy Singer pieces.   These earrings are small and a little expensive but they are a part of history, and thus, quite a bargain.  Always complimentary Priority shipping within the U.S.  And, only one person on the entire planet can buy these—as these are the only pair like them we have.