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Smaller original, signed Tommy Singer bolo tie.—SOLD!



SOLD!  This is one of three original, signed Tommy Singer bolo ties still owned by the Drifter.  The two smaller ones are now being offered for sale.  The two are identical except for the stones.  One has a Sleeping Beauty turquoise stone; the other has a piece of orange spiney oyster shell.  These smaller bolos Tommy Singer made are rather of the commercial variety.  They are small, the lanyards are thin, and they have those touristy-looking flip stays on the back to hold the bolo taut.  But still, they are made while Mr. Singer was still with us and they both carry his "T.Singer" hallmark.  They both hang about 18-inches down from the back of the neck and the silver bolo itself is one and 5/8th's long by one-inch wide.  The tips are Sterling silver but not custom-made.