Smaller wrist size Gilbert Tom cuff with micro-web Kingman turquoise. #1511

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You'll find that most Native American cuffs are made a tad on the large size, as far as wrist sizing goes.  People tend to buy them anyway and bend the hell out 'em getting them on and taking them off.  People—quit squeezing your cuff down to fit!  You're gonna ruin it .  We have tackled this issue by having many of our cuffs custom-made for smaller wrists.  This one is al-most six inches total inside circumference—5 and 15/16th's-inches to be exact.  That includes the gap.  So if your wrist measures (all the way around) 5 and 7/8's to 6-inches, this cuff will fit perfect.  There's a tiny bit of extra adjustment since it only has one stone, but in general, you should have a smaller wrist if you contemplate buying this beautiful cuff.  Don't buy things in the "hope" they will fit.  Go to a dollar-type store and buy a cloth tailor's measure for a buck.  Measure twice; buy once. Problem solved.  Anyway, this has the high-end 'micro-web' Kingman turquoise.  The cuff measures 1.75-inches longitudinally, and weighs 49-grams, or 1.72-ounces.  The patina is rubbed into an 'old-style,' satiny patina.  It is extensively and intricately hand-stamped as is Gilbert Tom's way. It is hallmarked "Gilbert Tom."  This is a dynamite cuff for the price by a master Navajo silversmith.  Always complimentary Priority shipping within the U.S.