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Spider-web No. 8 Mine turquoise Navajo size 9.5 pawn ring. #1528

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Okay, here's another dynamite ring that we had stashed-away in some of our 'mystery' boxes.  The Drifter's getting all organized now and re-discovering what he has.  And this is a beauty indeed.  Look at that spider-webbed No. 8 Mine stone.  And that's not a crack where you see the copper ore angling-down in the top right.  That's a little thicker vein of copper ore angling down. If size 9.25 is too large, drink a lot of beer; eat a lot of donuts and salt your food real heavy 'til it fits.  It'll be almost worth it.  It's 1.5-inches long and 1and 1/8th's-inches wide.  Weight is a little over 14-grams, or about a half-ounce.  Hallmarked by a little hard to discern.  Complimentary USPS Priority shipping within the U.S.