• T&R Singer Sterling and gold overlay Navajo turtle pendant. SOLD! #2343

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    This Singer tortoise pendant is 2.25-inches long, not counting the bale—which adds another three-quarters-of-an-inch.  We don't count bales or earring hangers on jewelry measurements.  'Just seems wrong to do so.  This tortoise has a convex shape corresponding to the natural shape of a turtle.  The Drifter acquired it from Tommy's widow, Rosita, at the Navajo Fair in Window Rock, Arizona, Labor Day weekend 2014, a little more than three months after Tommy's untimely passing to the other side.  The 2nd pic above of Rosita and Charlene is from that day.  Sadly, there has been some counterfeiting of Tommy Singer jewelry since then, as well as misrepresentation of T&R Singer jewelry.  One of our customers fell prey to such when she bought an expensively-priced necklace purported to be "original Tommy Singer," but hallmarked "T&R" Singer.  To reiterate, Rosita, Tommy's daughter Charlene, and son-in-law Allen (all of whom worked with Tommy making the jewelry prior to his passing) continue the Singer jewelry-making legacy using the Hallmark "T&R Singer." They use Tommy's tools and designs, and they make exemplary jewelry virtually identical to what Tommy made.  'But made by Tommy Singer himself, it ain't.  Don't be mislead into mistakenly paying a premium for original Tommy Singer jewelry.  Anyway, this is a 15.4-gram, .54-ounce, beautiful, intricately-made Sterling silver and real gold fill pendant with amazing heritage—at an old price.  Its ships without a chain, but the pictured 5mm, 20-inch burnished Sterling 'pearl' bead chain can be added to the order for $100 additional if purchased at the same time as the pendant.  Call or text prior and we can adjust the price above to include the beads.  Complimentary USPS tracked Priority shipping within the U.S.