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  • Sterling cuff with extensive repousse' stamping; premium Royston turquoise and 6.5-inch wrist circumference (bottom cuff in pic).—SALE PENDING!

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    SALE PENDING  This cuff has perfect repousse' stamping.  Repousse" is the art of hammering-out a relief from the reverse side.  Thus, the silversmith creates a hole in his or her workbench, and while holding the Sterling silver above that hole, a design is stamped into the silver.  It is then flipped overrevealing the hammered design as a creative "bulge" in the silver.  A lot can go wrong in the process.  Anyway, this piece is museum-quality outstanding.  The elegance of the silversmithing is complimented by beautiful Royston, Nevada turquoise.  It is 2.5-inches across at the top and weighs 138 grams, or a whopping 4.88-ounces (that's right, no gimpy lightweight touristy stuff here!).  Wrist circumference—including the "gap" in the cuff —is 6.5-inches, though it can be adjusted PRIOR to shipping by a quarter-inch either way.  It is hallmarked, as usual, by a well-known Navajo artist.  Call for further details.  We no longer identify the maker on some of our offerings on the internet (which is a shame—but times have changed!).  See additional pics of the listed cuff included with the posting.  Always free Priority shipping within the U.S.