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Sterling Navajo 22-stone squash blossom necklace with matching ribbon turquoise.—SOLD!

SOLD!   You don't see something this remarkable every day!  The Drifter—ever a fan of ribbon turquoise—had this beauty custom-made.  Squash-blossom necklaces began as medicine man wear and they still wear them.  They are a big part of Dine' history and tradition.  We've done a couple of shows lately and noticed there are people out there wearing cheap costume jewelry made to look like squash-blossom necklaces.  Pure junk.  And they're wearing them in public!  Shame on them.  If one can't afford a real, authentic Navajo squash blossom, that person should just be content with whatever comes out of their Cracker Jack box rather than wear a plastic or plated offshore-made facsimile.  But I digress.  Anyway,  this beauty speaks for itself—and it says a lot about the wearer's taste and knowledge of Native American jewelry.  It is 34-inches end-to-end, not counting the length the naja adds.  It will hang approximately 19-inches down from the back of one's neck. Weight is a respectable 14.5-ounces (yes, REAL Sterling silver squash-blossoms have some weight to them), or 411-grams.  Hallmarked by one of the Drifter's go-to Navajo silversmiths.  Always complimentary shipping within the U.S.