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Sterling Navajo charoite pendant with Sterling box chain. #1326

Isn't this a pretty one.  Charoite is literally one of the prettiest gemstones on the planet.  It comes from the Chara River valley in Siberia, Russia.   The Drifter nearly freezes his tail off trudging around frozen tundra, eluding those pesky Siberian tigers looking for the stuff.  The stone here has some colorful matrix, and the old-style silversmithing by Robert Shakey is exquisite.   The included 18-inch, solid-Sterling silver box chain is about a $40 value as well.  Not counting the bale, the pendant is 1.5-inches long, and 1.5-inches at the widest point.  Weight without the chain is 9-grams or about a third-of-an-ounce.  The hand-stamped hallmark reads, "ROBERT SHAKEY."  Always complimentary shipping within the U.S.