Bold and beautiful Sterling Navajo cluster cuff with mixed turquoise and generous repousse' by Gilbert Tom.


This cuff is custom-made for a person with an assertive, self-confident personality.  But it will fit others as well. The center stone is OLD No. 8 mine turquoise, as well as the two stones located at the 3 and 7 o'clock positions in the pic.  It is part of a line of cuffs that the Drifter enlisted master Navajo silversmith Gilbert Tom to make.  The idea was to create the quality of a vintage piece, with thicker, 12-gauge Sterling; artistic workmanship; quality stones; old-style patina; lots of perfect repousse', and of course, scalloped edges.  This level of quality is something one would have to pay twice as much (or more) to acquire elsewhere.  There will never be inexpensive, quality Native American jewelry again. This trophy weighs 164.2-grams, or 5.79 ounces and fits a wrist circumference (including the "gap" in the cuff) of  between 6 and 7/8th's to 7 and 1/8th-inches.  It you have a 7-inch wrist circumference then this cuff is just right.  It is two-and-1/8th-inches wide and hallmarked "Gilbert Tom."  Always complimentary shipping within the U.S.