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Sterling Navajo cluster cuff with mixed-color turquoise by Gilbert Tom.



Let's mix things up a bit.  The centerpiece is No. 8 mine turquoise, as well as the two located at the 3 and 7 o'clock positions in the pic.  It is part of a line of cuffs that the Drifter has enlisted Gilbert Tom to make.  The idea is to create the quality of a vintage piece—the silver-gauge; the workmanship; quality of stones, the old-style patina (finish on the silver), sprinkles of repousse' throughout, etc.  And the effort is resulting in the pieces just getting better and better.  This kind of quality—though certainly expensive at this price—is what a person would have to pay twice as much to acquire elsewhere.  We all have to face the fact that there will never be inexpensive, quality Native American jewelry ever again.  And it is very likely that the prices we are seeing now are a bargain compared to what the future is likely to bring.  Anyway, this trophy piece weighs 5.75 ounces and fits a wrist circumference (measurement includes the "gap" in the cuff) of 7.25-inches.  It is two-inches wide and hallmarked "Gilbert Tom."