• Sterling Navajo dead-pawn cuff with 19 pieces of Mediterranean red coral. SOLD! #1065

    SOLD!  This nineteen-stone cuff has a 6.5-inch total inside circumference—which means it will fit someone with a total wrist circumference of 6 and 3/8th's to 6.5-inches.  It is never a good idea to reshape a cuff with lots of settings.  Stones are set into the piece AFTER it has been shaped, therefore, by attempting to change the curvature of the cuff you disturb the integrity of the settings.  Customers tell us that other dealers tell them to "just shape it to fit."  Those dealers are just trying to sell, with little regard for the longevity of the piece or the future loss of stones.  Buy to fit—always.  Measure twice; buy once.  The coral in this piece is the real deal.  We've examined them with a jeweler's loupe and identified the fine grain and natural indentions in the coral.  This is quite a bargain given the scarcity and expense of coral now.  Width is a consistent 7/8th's-inches.  Weight is 40-grams, or 1.4-ounces.  Hallmarked "C."  Always complimentary Priority shipping within the U.S.