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Sterling Navajo earrings with hand-picked Kingman, Arizona turquoise.

The Drifter spent the best part of three days in early March picking-out his own turquoise cabochons.  In the case of earrings, it is quite time consuming and somewhat difficult to find a pair that resemble one-another.  And it is even harder to find two that were cut out of the same stone, at the same time, and in a manner that results in bookend matches.  Anyway, the Drifter is a bit obsessed with the appearance of the turquoise in High Plains Jewelry's offerings, so it is a task well worth it.  How 'bout these beauties? Don't wear these if don't want to call a little attention to yourself.  The color and the copper matrix is stunning.  Each is 1 and 3/8th's-inches long—not counting the hanger.  At the widest point each is .75-inches across.  Weight per earring is 8-grams, or .28-ounces.  Hallmarked.  Always complimentary Priority shipping (so 'ya don't have to wait so long for these prize earrings!) within the U.S.