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Sterling Navajo hatband with oval white buffalo stones, by James Freeland.



The Drifter recently acquired two hatbands with White Buffalo stones.  They look so sharp now the Drifter is going to have to spring for a new beaver hat in that sharp, black cherry color.  One of these bands has rectangular stones (pictured above), and the other one has oval stones. The one with rectangular stones (pictured above) has now SOLD, leaving the one with opal stones as the only one left.  Currently it's being kept warm atop the Drifter's Stetson (it just looks too good!). He also acquired two with real Kingman turquoise stones as well and are also posted on this site.  Navajo Sterling and turquoise hatbands have been around for a long time, but now most are ringed with "block" or compressed, processed stones derived from a blend of turquoise powder and turquoise chips that have been pulverized by a machine that adds a binding agent and compresses the powder into a block.  Even so, those hatbands require a lot of work and still cost $400 to $500 or more.  However, all hatbands offered by the Drifter contain actual stones.  Here, they are beautiful white buffalo—discovered in Nevada in 1935 by the Native Americans from the Ute Nation.   The Drifter comes across very few of these Sterling silver hatbands with the real, instead, of processed "block" stones.  When he does, he pays the price and snares it quickly to put it on this website, and, generally sells these James Freeland pieces for a little less than you might find elsewhere.  Hallmarked "TJF."  **Note:**  The Drifter's Stetson is NOT included in this offering—only the gorgeous hatband!