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Size 9 Sterling Navajo ladies ring with ribbon (boulder) turquoise by Alonzo Largo.—SOLD!



SOLD!  This is a killer ring.  Note the size of the quarter in the pic—this ring is a large statement piece.  Length is a whopping 2.25-inches (width is slightly over an inch at the widest point).  The Drifter chose this ring primarily due to the very distinctive "ribbon" of turquoise coursing through the stone.  Boulder (we call it "ribbon") turquoise is expensive and it has become difficult to find stones with this type of pronounced stripe of turquoise in the stone.  The Drifter hand-picks of his offerings, and he often hand-picks the stones prior to the artist beginning the work.  You will notice a lot of blotchy boulder turquoise offered elsewhere.  See 3rd pic to see a perfect boulder/ribbon rock.  This rings weighs .80-ounces and is a size 9.  Hallmarked "AL."