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Sterling Navajo lariat necklace and earrings (not pictured) with Golden Hills turquoise, by Gilbert Tom.


This sixteen-stone set—including the matching earrings not pictured—is both strikingly beautiful and very expensive to make.  Apparently these Golden Hills turquoise stones, which originate from Kazakhstan, are very much in demand and fetch a premium price.  The price above reflects the current economic and virus situation and is lower than it should be.  The earrings that are part of the set were made at the same time by Mr. Tom and are a perfect match.  In order to get the entire lariat in the photo we left the earrings out but will text or email a pic to anyone interested in this set.  Length of the lariat itself is 27-inches, but that figure is misleading because the three-stone, 4-inch drop is not included in that measurement.  In reality, it should hang approximately 16-inches down from the back of the neck. Weight is 139.7-grams, or 4.925-ounces.  Hallmarked "Gilbert Tom." Always complimentary Priority shipping within the U.S.