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  • Sterling Navajo "lariat" necklace set with fourteen ribbon turquoise stones, by Gilbert Tom.

    This long, lean, dazzling lariat necklace is made by the Drifter's longtime favorite living Navajo master silversmith, Gilbert Tom.  Even after a brush with death he keeps on churning-out these meticulously crafted masterpieces.  If you are feeling down on your luck, slip this baby on and see what happens.  Be prepared for a glorious transformation!  From the hand-stamping on the Sterling to the old-style patina, and to the beautiful Royston ribbon stones, this lariat has no equal.  And, it has those perfectly matching earrings to boot!  We'll be surprised if the copycats out there don't rush to try to duplicate it.  But that's the beauty of ribbon turquoise (see 2nd pic below for ribbon in its natural form), and turquoise in general—no two stones are the same (and no two silversmiths do the same style).   End-to-end, it is almost 33-inches long, not taking into account the last three stones of the end-piece.  It will hang approximately 20-to-21-inches from the back of one's neck.  Weight of the necklace is 181-grams, or 6.38-ounces.  Enjoy.  Always complimentary Priority shipping within the U.S.