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Sterling Navajo "lariat" necklace with 12 medium/large 'new' No. 8 Mine turquoise stones, by Gilbert Tom.

Lariats are the rage right now.  They are extra-long pendant necklaces, with two-or-four more pendants than regular pendant necklaces.  It's hard to gather six-or-so stones that compliment one-another, much less twelve like in the one above.  The Drifter took the time to select similar new No. 8 Mine turquoise stones with lots of copper matrix throughout, and waited to have it crafted. The bottom teardrop stone is 1.75-inches by 1-inch.  It helps that it was fashioned by one of the best Navajo silversmiths alive.  Mr. Tom has been the Drifter's go-to-jewelry artist for many years.  Length of this beauty is 32-inches end-to-end, but that doesn't take into account the "drop."  It will actually hang about 17-inches from the back of one's neck.  Weight is 224-grams, or 7.9-ounces. Matching earrings are available for an additional charge of $150.  We are offering the lariat without earrings at a lower price because of the number of customers preferring the lariat without earrings.  Just contact us if you prefer the earrings as well.  Always complimentary Priority shipping within the U.S.