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Sterling Navajo naja with purple spine oyster shell and 20-inch, 4mm Sterling bead chain.

Once again, it is NOT a horseshoe.  The naja has a lot of history and tradition behind it.  Too much to go into here.  This naja is made from thick-gauge Sterling that appears to be sand-casted first, then hand-stamped as well.  It has a nice rectangular chunk of purple spiney oyster shell set in a detailed bezel.  Also, the bale is hand-stamped and formed with scalloped edges. The naja and bale are done in an "old-style" patina.  Height of the naja, NOT including the large three-quarter-inch bale, is 2 and 7/8th's-inches; width is 2.5-inches.  Included is a 20-inch burnished Sterling bead chain popularly known as "Navajo pearls." That doesn't necessarily mean they were made by Navajo though, and the Drifter has his doubts about the origin of these wildly popular burnished Sterling beads that seem to be everywhere.  The naja is available by itself for $200; the "pearl" necklace is available by itself for $125.  Contact us if either of these options is preferable.  Weight of the naja and chain is 56.5-grams, or two ounces.  The naja is hallmarked. Always complimentary Priority shipping within the U.S.