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Sterling Navajo naja with purple spine oyster shell and 22-inch, 5mm Sterling bead chain (larger than the one pictured).

Once again, it is NOT a horseshoe.  The naja has a lot of history and tradition behind it.  Too much to go into here.  This naja is made from thick-gauge Sterling that appears to be sand-casted first, then hand-stamped as well.  It has a nice rectangular chunk of purple spiney oyster shell set in a detailed bezel.  Also, the bale is hand-stamped and formed with scalloped edges. The naja and bale are done in an "old-style" patina.  Height of the naja, NOT including the large three-quarter-inch bale, is 2 and 7/8th's-inches; width is 2.5-inches.  Included is a 22-inch, 5mm burnished Sterling bead chain popularly (larger than the one shown) known as "Navajo pearls." Weight of the naja and chain is about 2.30-ounces.  The naja is hallmarked. Always complimentary Priority shipping within the U.S.