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Sterling Navajo row cuff with 14 pieces of Mediterranean red coral by Tiffany Jones.



    The Drifter acquired this and a few other nice pieces from a pawn shop on old Highway 66.  It looks liked it could have been pawned new, though, because there are no signs of wear.  Either way, it has the true branch coral from the Mediterranean—which is a deeper red than that from the Caribbean.  Coral has gotten very expensive and much harder to find now that the world's coral seems to be dying-off due to a subtle rise in the oceans' temperatures.  The size (including the "gap") is seven-inches and the weight is 1.2-ounces.  Width throughout is a little over three-quarters-of-an-inch.  The hand stamping and the creation of the bezels indicates a high level of expertise.  Hallmarked "T."