Sterling Navajo squash blossom and matching earrings made with burnished patina Navajo pearls and Kingman turquoise, by Augustine Largo. #1061


This piece of wearable Navajo Art is done in the "old-style" burnished patina.  It looks sharp.  Check out those beautiful American turquoise stones (from the Kingman, Arizona Mine).  The squash blossom necklace itself is 25-inches end-to-end, but that doesn't take into account the length of the naja that adds total length from the back of the neck.  It will hang about 13-inches from the back of one's neck to the bottom of the naja when worn.  And no, it is NOT a horseshoe.  It is slightly smaller in scale than a standard, traditional squash, but much bigger that the miniature squashes you see around.  We don't buy or sell those.  And, it's not as big as those ship-anchor size ones you see in the magazines. The earrings included are nice as well.  Weight of the squash necklace is 155-grams, or 5.47-ounces.   Hallmarked "AL," which is the hallmark for Augustine Largo.  Always free Priority shipping within the U.S.