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Sterling Navajo squash blossom necklace with 20 real lapis stones.

We have bought and sold a lot of squash-blossom necklaces through the years.  Some squash-blossom necklaces may be a little more grandiose, but few are more finely crafted as this piece of pure Dine' art.  Enlarge the pic and check-out the intricate hand-stamping on the Sterling.  And the 20—that's right, TWENTY, lapis stones are very high quality as well.  The maker of this piece is quite well-known for high-end, high quality work.  We now shy-away from posting each artist's name on the world-wide web.  Call for those details.  The size of this squash is kinda like Goldilock's porridge—it's just right.  It's not too small and it's not way-too large.  Giant oversized squash-blossoms are trendy now, but we never see any Navajo women wearing the big garnish ones.  This squash exudes class—not crass.  It will hang approximately 13.5-inches down from the back of the neck. Weight is 201.2-grams, or 7.095-ounces.  Distinctively hallmarked.  Always free Priority shipping within the U.S.