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Sterling Navajo triplet cuff with white buffalo stones by Augustine Largo.—SOLD!



SOLD!  This Sterling triplet cuff has three nice white buffalo stones, with the big, centerpiece being an outstanding, expensive one.  Augustine Largo does a lot of the pieces offered here, and this piece exemplifies the reason why.  It will fit a wrist circumference of around 6-inches (it can be adjusted before shipping a quarter inch smaller or larger.  The silver gauge is not as thick as some of the heavy silver offerings on this site, but it is priced a lot less than the older, heavy silver cuffs as well.  Weight is 1.85-ounces.  BTW, we use ounces here instead of grams because we think the viewer grasps the ounce concept better.  For example, this cuff is 52.4 grams.  See what I mean?  It is 1.75-inches across the top, and hallmarked "AL."