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Sterling silver cuff with Royston turquoise by award-winning Navajo silversmith Vernon Hoskie—SOLD!


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SOLD!  If you've go the money, we've got the prime.  This is today's top-of-the-line Navajo jewelry by award-winning silversmith Vernon Hoskie.  None of that thin, gimpy-looking stuff here.  This takes a long time to create.  This beautiful piece is featured solely in our ad on page 53 of the 2018 Fall Fashion issue of COWBOYS & INDIANS magazine, with Blake Shelton on the cover.  Weighing-in at 6.07 ounces, it definitely passes the "feel" test.  It fits a lucky someone's medium-to-large wrist at 6.75 inches, and is two inches across at the widest point.  Topping-off all this wonderful, creative silverwork is a top-quality Royston Nevada turquoise stone.  Now if this would fit the Drifter, it would definitely stay here.

Gotta wear shades.