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Sterling two-piece Navajo post earrings, by Elouise Kee.

Whoa, these are nice.  They are 2.5-inches long, so prepare to turn heads when slowly walking into a room with these babies swaying to-and-fro.  The stones are beautiful, hand-picked magnesite.  Shops and dealers everywhere sell it as white buffalo—probably thinking it that themselves—or maybe not!   Magnesite is mistaken for white buffalo somewhere every hour of every day.  But the Drifter doesn't tolerate mistakes.  And he doesn't misrepresent things to his customers, either.  They are 7/8th's-inches wide near the bottom.  Weight per earring is only 13-grams, or .455-ounces.  Hallmarked "Elouise Kee."  Always complimentary Priority shipping within the U.S.