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Stunning Navajo eleven-stone turquoise dead-pawn cuff with larger, 7-inch wrist size.

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Here's a real find that we had posted earlier when the Drifter was even more inept at camera work. Now that he is a little better at it we are reposting it.  It is one of the best buys on this website.   In a fancy shop this would certainly be priced well over a thousand dollars.  Its eleven turquoise stones contain lots of copper matrix.  We originally posted the turquoise as Pilot Mountain mine turquoise because that what was written on the uderside.  But it looks a lot like older Kingman, actually.  Either way, it is a heckuva cuff.  Stunning, actually.  Length is 3 and 1/8-inches and width is 3.25-inches.  It weighs 4.16 ounces and is a woman's larger seven-inch wrist size.  It is hallmarked on the underneath side.  Hard to find trophies like this nowadays.  And we'll never come across another one like it.  Always complimentary Priority shipping within the U.S.