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We're on pg. 31 of "COWBOYS & INDIANS" this month.

Stunning Zuni Pueblo inlay cuff by Larry Loretto.


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Smooth. Elegant but manly.  Larry Loretto.  The Drifter always wears a Loretto cuff.  This is what true Native American handmade art is all about.  If you go to High Plains Jewelry on Facebook, there is a short video with Mr. Loretto outside of his home on Pueblo Zuni explaining his type of silversmithing.  There is a photo of him in his workshop as well.  Men don't buy much jewelry, but when they do, they like Larry Loretto cuffs.  This one with Kingman turquoise inlay is one-half inch wide and weighs 2.4 ounces.  It fits a man's seven-inch circumference wrist.