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  • Substantial Navajo heavy-silver cuff with deep hand-stamping (right side of pic).

    This hot cuff pierced the dawn chill when this photo was recently shot at Red Rocks on the Navajo Rez.  It is indicative of how Dine' (Navajo) jewelry was made in the old days before lightweight, flimsy tourist-quality things became pervasive.  The dynamite-looking cuff is made from thicker 12-gauge Sterling silver.  The maker here comes from a pedigree lineage of Dine' silversmiths.  Her mother and her father have been at the forefront of native jewelry-making for many decades.  She took a hiatus from the craft for the last couple of years at which time demand for her work escalated.  Call for further details as we no longer post the maker's name on some of our offerings on the internet.  Weight is 134.3-grams, or 4.73-ounces.  Total wrist circumference (including the "gap" in the cuff) is 6.5-inches. Hallmarked.  Always free Priority shipping within the U.S.