T&R Singer Goldcraft feather earrings with turquoise. SOLD! #2409

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SOLD!  These earrings are exactly as the legend Tommy Singer, R.I.P., used to make them prior to his passing in 2014, and are done now by his widow Rosita Singer; Tommy's daughter Charlene, and son-in-law Allen.  They use Tommy's designs and stamping tools and stamp the "T&R Singer" hallmark onto the back.  Unfortunately, we currently see T&R Singer things portrayed on the internet as being made by Tommy Singer.  Despicable.  Caveat Emptor!  Anyway, these quite attractive real gold-fill and Sterling silver earrings are two-inches long—NOT counting any part of the hangers.  They are made convex, or curved outward, lengthwise giving them a more three-dimensional appearance.  They are 5/8th's-inches wide at the bottom of the feather.  Each earring weighs 5-grams, or .176-ounces.  Complimentary USPS tracked Priority shipping within the U.S.