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Teardrop-shaped Navajo matching turquoise earrings, by Augustine Largo.

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When the Drifter is going through over a thousand turquoise cabochons, in his mind's eye he is imagining a lady sauntering across a nice dining area, perhaps a little fashionably late, greeting her party with a slight-but-confident smile.  As she gracefully starts to slide into the chair so courteously pulled-out for her, he also imagines the first compliments from those at the table to be about her stunning earrings.  Then he asks himself if the stones he is currently holding in his hand would elicit that response.  Here you see the result of the Drifter's rambling machinations.  These inch and five-eighths long beauties with near-matching copper matrix are indeed, stunning.  And the Sterling has the subdued but expensive appearance embarked by classic, old-style patina.  Weight per earring is 9.8-grams, or 0.34-ounces, and each has the hand-stamped "AL" hallmark.  As always, Priority shipping is complimentary in the U.S.