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We're on pg. 42 of "COWBOYS & INDIANS" this month.

Tiny wrist-size Navajo Sterling triplet cuff with ribbon/boulder turquoise and repousse' silversmithing by Gilbert Tom.—SOLD!



SOLD!  Okay, if your wrists are the size of the 70's model, "Twiggy," look no further for your dream cuff.  The Drifter had master silversmith Gilbert Tom make a few cuffs for clients with extremely small wrist sizes.  Mr. Tom protested that nobody had wrist sizes that small.  He made them anyway and most are already sold.  Small here means a wrist circumference of 5.5-inches!  'Tiny' is a better description.  And this tiny package packs a lot of punch.  It employs the expensive ribbon (boulder) turquoise and lots of time-consuming-to-make repousse' silversmithing around the stones.   Hallmarked "Gilbert Tom."  See last pic to understand how the turquoise derives its name and why it is so expensive.This dynamite-looking cuff weighs 2.66-ounces and is 2.25-inches across at the middle stone.