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T&R Singer barrel-bead necklace with lapis.


This barrel-bead necklace has beautiful blue lapis, AND, it has silver and black oxidized barrel beads, instead of gold, silver and black oxidized barrels.  Some people do not prefer the gold.  But we do.  This is the only one we have that does not have the gold.  But admittedly, the silver and blue together looks great.  Anyone who has been around Navajo Jewelry awhile knows who made these famous.  We sold hundreds of these (at a much higher price) before he left.  Now his family is carrying on the legacy with beautiful pieces like this.  The only change is that the hallmark is stamped onto those beautifully-crafted silver and black barrel beads instead of on a tab attached to the clasp, and, of course, it does not say "T.Singer."  Instead, it is hallmarked "T&R Singer."   We also have these in other color stones, like turquoise, black onyx, etc. Weight is 117-grams, or 4.125-ounces. Check the prices elsewhere on these 21-inch-plus Singer necklaces elsewhere.  You'll see some absurdly high prices out there.  Complimentary Priority shipping within the U.S.