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  • T&R Singer gold barrel-bead necklaces. Price posted here is for 21.5-inch size only. See details below.—ALL SOLD EXCEPT LAPIS AT VERY TOP OF PIC.


    ONLY THE TOP LAPIS ONE REMAINS, THE REST HAVE SOLD.  NOTE:  The price posted here is for a single 21-to-21.5-inch necklace (lots from which to choose).  Will be posting more details on the two other sizes later tonight.   Okay, we've got a lot of explaining to do as there are three sizes/prices pictured above.  Simply put, the 21-inchers (some are 21.5) are $265—you heard right.  They are the same you can find elsewhere for $400.  Next the 29-to-30-inch ones are $335—again, no misprint.  You can find them elswhere in the $600-plus range.  Lastly, the multi-strand 30-inch ones are $449.  These are way on up there elsewhere.  The Drifter and Tommy Singer, RIP, were friends, and he is friends still with his widow and daughter.  The Drifter proudly wears pieces he got from Tommy himself, but we can attest that the work done by the family (using Tommy's designs and tools) after Tommy's passing is virtually identical to the originals prior to Tommy's leaving.  We find it unpleasant to price these so high that the seller is making much , much more than the family itself—so we don't do it.   They are all hallmarked on the gold barrel beads themselves.  Further details and specs will appear later tonight (have to get to the post office now!).  Always free Priority shipping within the U.S.