T&R Singer goldcraft earrings.

Prior posts here have elaborated on Tommy Singer; the Singer legend and legacy, and the current continuance of that legacy by his family through T&R Singer jewelry.  The essence is that T&R Singer jewelry is every bit as beautiful and expertly made as before Tommy crossed over to the fourth world.  The stamps, designs and all other tools used by Tommy for about a half-century are used by the family now in the making of T&R Singer jewelry.  Without question both the sentimental and the monetary value of an original piece signed by Tommy himself is appreciably more, but current T&R Singer pieces—made to the same standard as when Tommy was at the helm—are some of the absolute best values to be had in authentic, traditional Navajo jewelry.  The earrings above should be priced in the $300 range, and such a price would still be a bargain.  They incorporate one of Tommy's oldest designs.  That is not brass or copper, people, it is actual gold-fill (which never wears off like gold-plate).  Each earring here is exactly two-inches long.  At the widest point each is 1.25-inches and weighs 8.3-grams, or .29-ounces.  Enjoy.  Always complimentary shipping within the U.S.