T&R Singer goldcraft Navajo turtle pendant with 4mm, 24-inch burnished Sterling Navajo pearls. #1756

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We've sold some of these beautiful turtle creations made by Tommy Singer, but this is the first goldcraft turtle made by his widow and family members that we've had the pleasure of acquiring.  Other than the hallmark on the back, there is absolutely no difference.  The T&R pieces are made using Tommy's old designs and stamping tools.  The turtle has all sorts of meanings to the Navajo—some having to do with the protection the shell provides; some to do with patience and perseverance.  Even from across the room, the piece is unmistakable legendary Singer.  The convex shell is rounded outward, simulating  a real turtle shell.  Not counting the bale, it is 2.25-inches long, and it is 1.5-inches across at the widest point.  the icing on the cake is a nicely-placed piece of greenish turquoise atop its shell.  Included is the pictured 4mm, 24-inch burnished Sterling Navajo "pearl" bead chain, though the bale is large enough to accommodate beads as large as one-half inch.  If the purchaser would rather omit the beads, just call or text and we'll reduce the listed price by $99.   It is hallmarked "T&R Singer."  Complimentary USPS Priority shipping within the U.S.