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T&R Singer multi-strand 31-inch gold barrel-bead necklace with sugilite (bottom of pic).

This post is for the multi-strand T&R gold barrel bead necklace (bottom necklace in pic) ONLY.  Separate posts of this same pic will be made for the single strand necklaces.  We have been selling these since Tommy Singer originated them.  After his passing, his widow and daughter and son-in-law have continued his fine work using his actual designs and tools.  They are virtually identical to the older ones except the hallmark now is on one of the barrel beads itself, instead of having the little metal hallmarked tag that used to be attached to the clasp.  The price above is about what some people charge for the 21-inch single strand (at the top of the pic).  They are a bargain at any price, and some of the most attractive pieces of Navajo jewelry offered by High Plains Jewelry.  Enjoy.  Always free Priority shipping within the U.S.