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Triangular-shaped Navajo Sterling earrings with boulder (ribbon) turquoise by Elouise Kee.



Okay, let's get something straight—literally.  The more distinct the ribbon of turquoise, the better (and the more expensive to acquire).  If you search what is popularly referred-to as "boulder (or "ribbon") turquoise, it will become apparent that there is a lot of difference in this type of stone.  Look at the third pic in this post to see how the look is derived—and why it is so much more expensive.  Lots of waste in ferreting-out the little ribbon of turquoise out of the rock.  The bookend-match ribbon of turquoise in both of these earrings is bold and beautiful.  The Drifter hand-picks all of these ribbon earring offerings.  Well, actually, he hand-picks everything, but back to the issue at hand.  Not all traders and shop owners personally hand-pick everything—but that's another story.  Each earring here weighs .21-ouces and is an inch tall (not counting the hanger) and an inch wide.  Nice silversmithing by Elouise Kee as well.  Hallmarked "ELOUISE KEE."