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Trophy Navajo cuff with 62 coral settings by Anthony Skeets.—SOLD!



SOLD!  If the Drifter was still practicing law he would say, "I rest my case."  This is a museum-quality piece that one would pay thousands for in Santa Fe, Sedona or Scottsdale.  It is tempting to put this one back and hold on to it while prices are skyrocketing.  Plus, the rarity of obtaining coral (most countries now forbid the harvest of coral from their waters) has out-paced the otherwise general rise in prices.  We move right up to the heavyweight championship division with this 6.75-ounce piece of wearable Native American art.  It requires a seven-inch circumference wrist (oh, if only it were a little bigger!), and is much too thick to shape or bend—so measure your wrist diameter first.  This baby is meticulously hand-stamped on the inside as well.  It is two inches wide at the top, which includes the bezels peeking over the edge a bit (1 and 7/8's, silver band only).  It was made by a member of one of those well-known Navajo brother duos, master silversmith Anthony Skeets (Donovan Skeets is his brother).  Kind of a shame to wear it.  Displaying it in a secure glass case—like the Hope diamond—might be more apt.