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Chimney Butte Sterling lady's cuff with small wrist size.



   This is the last of the very thick Sterling silver and black oxidized lady's cuffs by Chimney Butte for 2016.  The artist will be making some more of these beauties for the Drifter but no word on when they will be finished.  This one weighs 5.1 ounces and fits a small wrist circumference of six-inches.  Hallmarked "Chimney Butte."  Chimney Butte is a real person and a real character indeed.  And, he was a big hit at the 2016 Santa Fe Indian Market, where he used to sell on the plaza for years.   He is a true dedicated artist/silversmith, and a person who appears to be guided by spiritualist principles.  He is big as a butte and learned his chops early in his career from the late legend, Tommy Singer, when both he and Mr. Singer lived near Dilkon, Arizona.  He claims half-Comanche/half-Anglo lineage, and is married into the Santa Domingo tribe (just south of Santa Fe).  This guy is larger than life and belongs in a chapter of the Drifter's book.  His dedicated following in the movie industry includes some of the cast from the "Hateful Eight;" Brooke Shields, and quite a few others.