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  • Uncirculated, original, signed Tommy Singer goldcraft earrings.—SOLD!

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    SOLD!  When the keen purchaser removes that little staple and takes these out of the bag, that person will be the first one to touch these beauties since Tommy Singer himself.  The Drifter bought hundreds of pairs of earrings prior to the legend's passing in 2014.  We have four of these same-size, but different design, pairs left.  This is the second pair we've posted.  Tommy had a habit of putting earrings and pendants in these thin plastic bags and stapling the bags closed.  Removing that little staple became a source of irritation for the not-so-patient Drifter.  As he was about to remove the staple and remove these from the bag, it occurred to him—not for the first time—that Tommy Singer was the last person to ever touch these earrings.  So why not present them to the future wearer in that same condition?  Anyway, length of each earring is one-inch, and width is slightly over 5/8th's-of-an-inch.  Weight of the pair, in the bag, is 6.4-grams, or .225-ounces.  Divide by half to get individual weight.  They are hallmarked "T. SINGER," in Gothic font—not cursive (his Gothic hallmark preceded the cursive one).  Always complimentary Priority shipping within the U.S.