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Very vintage dead-pawn 33-inch Navajo pearl necklace made with 88 old Indian-head nickels.—SOLD!



SOLD!  Another one of those "If you wear it you'll never be broke" items.  And, it has been worn a lot from the look of those old nickels.  This really, really looks classy when worn.  Two things to note:  1) The portion with the coins is 24-inches.  The entire length including the portion allowing for it to be worn without the nickels wearing on the back of one's neck in 33-inches.  So, it actually hangs about half that distance, about 16-inches of so. 2) It's heavy.  Not too heavy to wear, but you'll know it's on you.  Weight is almost 15-ounces.  There is no hallmark unless except for the U.S. Mint.