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Vintage dead-pawn Navajo chipped-inlay heavier-silver Sterling cross with 26-inch solid Sterling chain.



One-of-a-kind.  Older.  Beautiful.  Expensive chain attached.  Any questions?  This is quite a find.  The nice 26-inch chain—which is a little heavier and thicker than normal—is attached without a clasp, so the buyer can either enjoy it as the maker intended, or have the chain cut and a clasp attached.  And the value of this thick, heavier-gauge chain is well over a hundred dollars.  The chipped inlay is very fine and the silversmithing quite detailed.  Whomever made this knew what he or she was doing.  It appears to be from the seventies, when chipped-inlay was made so popular by Tommy Singer.  In fact, this could possibly be a Singer piece, but whatever hallmark it had is obscured by the placement of the hook apparatus on the back.  Length of the cross is 2 and 7/8th-inches, and the width is nearly 2 and 1/8th-inch.  This piece smacks of quality.